Quest for the best baby monitor: our baby monitor reviews

Our top picks for best baby monitor, some cautionary advice, the best wifi baby monitors, and our full roundup of baby monitor reviews.

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Baby Monitor Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an HSA or FSA account to buy a baby monitor? If a baby monitor tracks movement, breathing, pulse, or blood oxygen level, it should be HSA or FSA eligible. You’ll need to note whether or not accessories are HSA or FSA eligible. A number of the monitors we’ve reviewed are eligible:

What’s the best baby monitor for twins/what’s the best baby monitor with two cameras? Man, we get asked this a lot, and the answer is, it’s tough. The first thing to determine is whether you want to have a separate camera on both babies. It’s certainly possible to have one camera cover two cribs (though you’ll definitely sacrifice clarity by moving the camera back far enough to view both cribs, especially vs. a bird’s eye view option.)

Next, you’ll need to consider whether you want a wifi baby monitor for twins that allows you to use your iPhone, tablet, etc as the parent unit. If you do, consider the Nanit Plus Twin Pack. You’ll get two of our top-rated baby monitor and save vs buying them individually. Do note you’ll only get background audio from the camera that you’ve switched two, but you’ll get alerts from both, and if your babies are in the same room and close to each other, which camera has the audio feed may not matter that much.

If you want a non-wifi baby monitor option for twins, we like the Eufy Spaceview or the Summer Infant Pixel Zoom HD. And Infant Optics DXR-8 (note we particularly do not like Infant Optics based on our own testing, but it does support two cameras.)

What’s the best rated baby monitor with the highest reviews on Amazon? This is an interesting question, and one we’d caution you to ask with caution; it’s possible to manipulate Amazon reviews—here’s an NPR Planet Money episode on that. We’re not saying that’s the case with these monitors, but it’s good to be aware and read non-Amazon reviews. Here are 4 of the highest-rated baby monitors on Amazon with at least 250 reviews: the BabyCall (5 stars),  the Vava (4.8 stars), the Victure (4.7 stars), and the Heimvision (4.8 stars).

What baby monitor has the best picture quality? What’s the best video monitor? Of all the monitors we’ve tested, we think the Nanit Plus has the best picture quality. But, when you’re thinking about picture quality purely from a ‘what baby monitor has the best camera tech?’ perspective, you’re missing two critical pieces to the puzzle: 1) since your baby should be sleeping in the dark, you want a camera that has good night vision, and 2) where the camera is placed in relation to the baby can make a huge difference in what and how well you can see your baby. For this reason, we like cameras that can be mounted right above the crib so you can see your newborn. Because it possesses all 3 of these things (a high quality camera, very solid night vision, and bird’s-eye mounting capability, we’ve named Nanit Plus our top video monitor.

What’s the best high-end baby monitor? Easy: Nanit Plus, with the Complete Monitoring System. It can run you up to $449 with all the bells and whitles, but it’s our overall favorite monitor, it’s smartphone app is top-notch, it’s got stellar sound & picture quality, and a built-in sleep coach that helps improve your child’s sleep. Plus it’s got thoughtful features not found elsewhere like bluetooth-fallback in case your wifi goes out.

What is the top infant baby monitor? There are a few things to consider for a monitor that works well for infants: 1) image quality and mounting options. Since your infant is small and won’t move much, she’ll be harder to see. 2) infants are generally quieter than older babies, so sound sensitivity is important. 3) Your baby won’t be an infant for long, so you want a monitor that works well as she gets older too. Again, we think the Nanit Plus is the top of the pile here.